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We understand every nuance, time, value of money & materiSolotex Global Courier in this Global TRADE.

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Solotex Global Courier

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10401 Bennett Road, Fredonia NY 14063.
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The reasons we can assure you hassle-free service are obvious:

Customized logistic solutions for just-in-time delivery to control your product flow.
No restrictions of Commodity, Weight or Size. (subject to maximum loadable limits of the aircraft).
Have fixed space allotments on various airlines ensuring priority handling and confirmed uplift on booked flights.
Choice of numerous airline flights worldwide, with unlimited options of pick-up/delivery schedules.
Consolidation Service for Export as well as Import shipments, according to your requirements.
Thorough knowledge of import and export procedures and practices, including customs clearance of shipments, regulations, licenses, documentation and payment practices.